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Kamis, 15 April 2010


Segara Anak Lake is so wide it appears like the sea with is Blue Water. The name Segara Anak means Child of the Sea. Segara Anak Lake hold various mysteries and invisible powers. People feel content to stay a long time on this place, because of the large community of mysterious spirits which live around the lake. The local people believe that if the Lake looks wide when seen at a distance it is a sign they will live to an old age; or if the lake seems narrow it is a sign of short age. So in order not to be pessimistic, people quickly purify themselves by lifting up their spirits and calm soul and look at the lake contentedly.

In the area of the lake it is forbidden to have sexual intercourse, to complain or say dirty things We must be patients when facing problems.(www.lombok-rinjanitrek.com)